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It takes a lot of volunteers to make ministry happen! We are currently looking for volunteers willing to help with Cornerstone Kids, greeting and ushering, and parking team.

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Areas to Serve:

Whatever your strengths or passions, we have lots of areas where we can align your interests with our serving opportunities. Below are some descriptions of areas we frequently need volunteers.

We average more than 500 kids at our Sunday services, so we need a lot of qualified volunteers to serve as classroom leaders and helpers! There are opportunities in classrooms from infants all the way up to 5th grade.

Visitors to our church can be intimidated by the size and amount of people here on a Sunday morning. Helpful volunteers greet people as they walk in, help them find a seat in the auditorium, serve them a cup of coffee and give directions if needed!

Our music team is made up of talented volunteers from our community who use their gift of music to serve the church. If you are a gifted singer or musician we would love to have you audition for the music team!

The Cornerstone production team is always looking for more volunteers to operate cameras, run lights and help with graphics during our services. If you are gifted technically, would love to help you find a place to serve in this area.