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Multigenerational contexts designed to provide biblical literacy, training, and practical application for wise living in the places God has positioned us.

Membership 101
Jun 11 & Jun 18

Crash Course:
Biblical Finances

Jun 25

Crash Course:
Blueprint Story

Jul 23

Designed to provide insight, resources and biblical wisdom.

Course Archive
Recorded sessions from Equip Weekends & Crash Courses

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Foundational classes for all ages introducing you to Christian beliefs and practices. All 101 classes are held Sunday mornings at 10am.

Free, workshop-style classes for all ages providing a deep dive on a theological subject for Christian life, practice, and discipline. Monthly, Sunday nights from 6-8p.

Intensive seminars providing theological understanding & training on a particular subject and how it relates to Christian beliefs & practices. One weekend each semester.

101 Classes

Marriage 101

10:15 – 11:30a
in The Box

Marriage 101 is a 4-week class designed to prepare seriously dating, engaged, and newly married couples (as well as serving as a tune-up for longer-married couples!) for marriage by addressing common challenges from a biblical perspective. This class includes both large group teaching and small group discussion with mentor couples. Whether you go to Cornerstone, attend another church, or don’t go to church at all, you are welcome to attend. The cost is $15/couple to cover class materials, and is taught by Steve Jones.

Membership 101

10:00 – 10:35a
in The Box

For nearly 30 years, we have seen God do more than we could ever ask or imagine. As a church family, we want membership to be a way for us to covenant together and affirm a shared confession, a shared vision, and a shared commitment to one another as members of Cornerstone Church. If you are interested in joining Cornerstone as a family member, this 2-week class is your next step!

Parenting 101: Kids

10:15 – 11:30a
in The Box

Are you tired and exasperated, or just need a tune-up as a parent? Come get refreshed as we teach practical principles and tips on parenting kids in this 4-week class. The cost is $15/family to cover class materials, and is taught by Steve Jones.

Gospel 101

10:15 – 11:30a
in The Equipping Room

A 5-week class designed to deepen your understanding of the Gospel, live it out daily, and feel empowered to confidently share it with others. The cost is $10/person to cover class materials. (Note: If you’re a Salt Company student desiring to serve on Salt Leadership next school year, this class is the prerequisite!). This class is taught by Alanna Sellinger

Looking Ahead

Mark your calendars for these upcoming 101 classes:

Coming Soon:
Spring 2023 101 Classes

Parenting Adult Children

Sunday, 6:00-8:00p
in The Box

Childhood is temporary, but parenting is forever: Your kids will always be in your life. Therefore, the key is figuring out how to adapt to the new phases in the parent-child relationship and learn to love them in the ways your children desperately need and want. This crash course will discuss the “last and longest” phase of parenting adult children. This crash course will discuss foundational principles and helpful ways to navigate with your children through singleness, marriage and in-laws, grand-parenting, and so much more.

Teachers: Steve Jones and guest panelists

Biblical Finances

Sunday, 6:00-8:00p
in The Box

If God owns everything, then this should shape the Christian’s view of money. This crash course will cover biblical principles and practical tools for saving, living, and giving with both wisdom and radical generosity.

Teachers: Marc and Jenn Peterson

Blueprint Story

Sunday, 6:00-8:00p
in The Box

Our life stories have tremendous impact on who we are and how we live, view, and interact with the world around us. This crash course will utilize Blueprint tools to help identify pivotal moments and people, along with personal narratives and disruptions. These factors help to clarify emerging life patterns and chapters to better understand how our unique stories fit into the larger story that God is writing.

Teacher: Mark Duvick


Mark your calendars for these upcoming crash courses:

Coming Soon:
2023 Courses

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Equip Weekend

Registration Closed

Check back in the Fall for more details.
$25 for Community Members
$10 for Students
5:00 – 9:00p on Friday
8:00a – 12:00p on Saturday

Dinner (Available until 5:50p)

Opening Session

Breakout session 1
(50 min)

Breakout session 2
(50 min)

Breakout session 3
(50 min)

Breakout session 4
(50 min)

Breakout session 5
(50 min)

Breakout session 6
(50 min)

Closing Session
(30 min)

Past Equip Weekend Topics

Want to go back and listen to past Equip Weekend sessions? Stream the “Equip Course Archive” podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Our Spring 2023 Equip Weekend unpacked the key theological truths that shape our faith as we explore the essential doctrine of Christianity and how doctrine intersects and applies to everyday life. Breakouts covered the Bible, the Trinity, Humanity & Sin, Salvation, the Church, and End Times.

Our Fall 2022 Equip Weekend explored answers to questions regarding God and science issues. Participants attended four sessions taught by Dr. Mike Strauss to learn about modern scientific evidence for God, proposed naturalistic alternatives, a scientific approach to the biblical account of creation, the Big Bang, and evolution, and what we learn about God through science.

Our Spring 2022 Equip Weekend explored Blueprint Foundations: understanding how our unique stories, abilities, passions and contexts bring focus to a gospel-centered life design powered by Younique to provide a sense of clarity, courage, and calling for our distinct roles in God’s redemptive mission. While breakout session recordings are not available for the public, both main sessions are available in our course archive library.

Our Fall 2021 Equip Weekend explored Christian theology and how it relates to mental health. Participants attended both main sessions and focused track sessions in one of the three arenas mental health can most impact a person: in technology, in community, and in vocation.