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Sending healthy members & resources to plant and strengthen churches in strategic partnerships across the country.

Join us in praying daily at 10:02 what Jesus commands in Luke 10:2: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Cornerstone Church is sending a team (in partnership with Hope Church) to Las Vegas, NV to plant King’s City Church with a Salt Company ministry for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Learn how you can connect with, pray for, and support this upcoming church plant.

Vision trips for Cornerstone’s church plants (and others across The Salt Network) can help you take the next step in evaluating how God is asking you to join Him in His work for church planting.
By giving to The Salt Network, you are helping to resource and send church planters across the United States to reach the next city and collegiate campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your generosity!
Find out where Cornerstone Church has planted churches in recent years and the ways you can connect with, pray for, and support these growing churches.

There are over 400 major universities across North America. Through The Salt Network, we pray we will see a thriving church and college ministry established in all of these major university centers.

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King’s City Church

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Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It is a globally known city with the notorious reputation of being “Sin City.” We desire to see that change for the glory of God through the explosion of the gospel. The Vegas Valley is home to nearly three million people, most of whom were not born in the city. As one of the most unreached and unchurched cities in America, we believe Las Vegas is primed for a movement of God that will spread out from its city limits and into the ends of the earth.


UNLV is ripe for gospel outbreak. There has never been a thriving college ministry presence on campus. Plus, it is consistently ranked as the most diverse university in the country. We believe by reaching the 30,000+ students on campus we can not only impact the city but the world!

Meet the Team

Left to Right: Alex Burns, Hannah Gracia, Christian Gracia, Maddie Grider, Perry Kallio


While every vision trip will vary in cost, duration, and experiences you can expect a typical vision trip to include: meeting some of the church planting staff team, connecting with others like you who are considering moving, and learning the city and university campus culture. Take a look below at the upcoming vision trips happening within The Salt Network.

West Lafayette, IN

Eugene, OR

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Recent Plants

Scroll through the plants to learn more about recent Cornerstone church plants from the past three years. 

Generations Church

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Why Eugene?

Eugene is a beautiful city with a college-town culture and a ton of gospel opportunity. Less than 2% of the 20,000+ students at University of Oregon have any connection to church, and we would love to be part of the solution to that! 

Radiant Church

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Why Syracuse?

Syracuse has a metro population of 700,000 people that are from all over the world. In just the last 13 years, Syracuse has welcomed 10,000 refugees from all across the globe, countries like Burma, Somalia, and Sudan. To say that the nations are coming to Syracuse would be an understatement.

Syracuse is also the Medical Hub for central New York. As you can imagine, the medical industry is a premiere staple for the economy.

Syracuse is also a strategic city for reaching the rest of New York state. Sitting in the middle of the state, it is 4 hours from Buffalo, Albany, and New York City. Not only is it central for reaching the state, but it is also 180 miles from Ottawa, Canada, and 250 miles from Montreal, Canada. We believe Syracuse is a key place for reaching the Northeast and beyond.

The Capital Church

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Why Columbus?

Even though Columbus is the midwest’s fastest growing city with over 2,200,000 people, it takes great pride in being home to The Ohio State University. Ohio State is the flagship university in the state and attracts students from all around the world seeking a top tier education. It is one of the largest universities in the country with around 60,000 students, 8,000 of them being international students.

Extra Curious About Church Planting?

There are over 400 major universities across North America. Through The Salt Network, we pray we will see a thriving church and college ministry established in all of these major university centers. Learn more about our network’s vision and strategy.