Interchange is our online community where you can communicate with other members in your groups, view and register for events and set up financial giving. We use it to keep you connected to other folks and ministry events and news.







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Find groups to join, interact with other members in your groups and see events you might want to attend.

Set Up Online Giving

Give a one-time gift or set up a recurring one. Giving online via Interchange is easy, and you can rest-assured your financial information is safe and secure.

Stay Up to Date

New phone number? New address? New family members? Keep your profile and contact info up to date so you don’t miss anything.

You must be 12 or older to be an Interchange user. Parents – Your children and their information are safe in the Interchange database. Only authorized users like staffers or people you designate can see information about your children under 12.


Contact us with any of your Interchange questions, we’d love to help. You can also get signed up for Interchange at a computer kiosks in the foyer at our weekend services. A helpful volunteer or staff member will be there to help and to answer your questions.