Fall Classes

Cornerstone Equipping offers 4-week classes in the Spring and Fall of each year covering biblical, theological and practical issues. The aim is to deepen our understanding of the Bible and the world to embody faithful Christian discipleship in our own lives, our families and our communities.

We are offering 3 courses for Fall 2019.

Cornerstone room locations will be assigned later; you will receive an email with details.

How People Change: Christian Growth

Sundays, October 6–27 | 6:00p–7:30p | Matthew LaPine

This 4-week class covers biblical and practical aspects of change. Many people wonder if change is possible. Cultural voices like Jordan Peterson Charles Duhigg, and Brené Brown offer change through things like discipline, willpower, habits, and empathy. Many people have found voices like these really helpful. But how does spiritual change happen? What is genuine spiritual change? How do we “put on Christ” (Romans 13:14)? We will cover a biblical theology of sanctification as well as a practical framework for change involving Spirit-enabled faith and practice.

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New Testament Overview

Sundays, October 6–27 | 6:00p–7:30p | Tom Niehoff & Tori Haverkamp

This class gives an overview of the New Testament in 4 weeks. Dr. Tom Niehoff (PhD in New Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) has long served our Salt School of Theology students by teaching New and Old Testament courses. He has agreed to serve our congregation by condensing his material into 4 weeks. He will also be showing slides from his travels to the locations of New Testament sites. He will be assisted by Tori Haverkamp.

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The Christian & Politics

Tuesdays, October 8–29 | 6:00p–7:30p | Alex Tuckness

The church finds itself in an increasingly polarized political climate. What does Christian faithfulness look like in this context? How do we engage in politics in a way that loves our neighbor? This 4-week class lays out what it looks like to live as a Christian in our political context, to promote justice and freedom as pilgrims in a fallen world

The class will cover the following topics:

  • A Christian perspective on church and state
  • A Christian perspective on political engagement
  • A Christian perspective freedom
  • A Christian perspective on justice

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