Cornerstone Church is a multi-generational church with a passion to reach the next generation of college students.



College students are our top priority. While we believe the church should be filled with people from every generation, we have made an intentional choice to prioritize reaching university students. We believe the university is the most strategic mission field in the world. As a church, our goal is to mobilize every generation to care about seeing the next generation love the Gospel and the church.


We are a Gospel-obsessed, Gospel-saturated church. We are a family of broken people who worship a perfect Savior: Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel should reshape every corner of the believer’s life. Repentance – not perfection – is the picture of the Christian. We don’t fake it, we don’t hide or try to fix our own sin – we repent and believe.


In the New Testament, we see that the church is not a building or a weekly service, but a gathering of God’s people. We are people of the Bible, so when we gather we put the Word of God front and center. We teach chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse through the Bible. Our worship is centered on the Word of God and we sing songs that clearly communicate the message of scripture.


We are intentionally and deeply relational at every level. Connection Groups are places for men and women to walk in accountable relationships, to develop intentional friendship and live the “one-anothers” of scripture. At the core of our deep connection is the family of members. Our members are Cornerstone Church, and we prioritize loving that family well.


We constantly think about the person who isn’t here who needs to know the love of Jesus. We care about all forms of human suffering, but especially eternal suffering. We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the city of Ames and around the world. We are FOR our community. We hope that people outside of our church family would say, “I might not agree with them, but I am sure glad they are here.”


While we strive to grow a vibrant church in Ames, our primary goal is to fuel a multiplying Gospel movement through church-planting on university campuses. We believe that our measure of success is not in our seating capacity, but in our sending capacity. We choose to live with open hands and sacrificial generosity to fuel a movement toward university students that will impact our nation and our world.


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