How People Change

We just finished our four-week class, “How People Change.” The class follows the four dark boxes on the image below. We talked about how God sanctifies us by his truth as we our obey and suffer within community. If you missed it, check out the videos and handouts below.

  • Week 1: GOAL/MEANS, God is where we are going and how we get there.
  • Week 2: TRUTH, Change involves adopting the story of what God is doing in Christ.
  • Week 3: EXPERIENCE, Change involves embodying the story of what God is doing in Christ by practicing my role in it.
  • Week 4: COMMUNITY, Change involves mutual dependence within the body of Christ, especially in suffering

Week 1: Sanctification From Above: The Presence of God

Week 2: Sanctification from the Word: Living the Story of God – Handout

Week 3: Sanctification by Practice: Putting on the New – Handout / Audio

Week 4: Sanctification in the Body: Strengthening One Another – Handout